Send error report

James Aylett was waxing lyrical down the phone to me yesterday about the qualities of his new Apple Mac, and I suggested he should maybe write to Rob Webb about it, since it seems he is now the human vessel for the Mac collective.

I suddenly thought about those messages I get on my PC saying “application has unexpectedly had to close, click here to send error report” (which happens about five times an hour, so I’d question the accuracy of their use of the word “unexpectedly”), and what I thought was, wouldn’t it be great if the error reports were sent directly to David Mitchell’s email account? If nothing else it would probably explain the lack of any kind of response.

The above picture always brings to mind one of the first times I met David Mitchell, because I recall he had injured his foot for real that time and was walking with a pronounced limp and possibly a stick as well. I don’t remember exactly what he’d done, except that it was something funny like shutting it in a door or falling down some stairs. I wonder if his future casting as a PC was pretty much inevitable from that moment onwards…

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