Keep the change

This is a disastrous party political broadcast.

It shows lots of different people voicing their worries, linked together by a taxi driver explaining what she’d say to Tony and Gordon if they were in the back of her cab. Finally we see that Tony and Gordon are indeed in the back of her cab, looking somewhat embarrassed to be sitting there driving inexplicably through suburban London listening to somebody moaning, but they’re not so embarrassed that they actually answer any of her questions.

Perhaps they’re both worrying that it wasn’t such a good idea to pull their ties out from under their seatbelts in that wanky way.

Tony leaves Gordon to pay the £5 taxi fare (out of our taxes?) and he says “keep the change” – which must either be an absurdly generous tip (out of our taxes?) or is a mean-spirited joke as he hands over a fiver.

Oh, but Tony does reassure us that he wants to hear our views, so get online now and start asking the questions as you’ll almost certainly be invited to Westminster.

David Cameron’s party political broadcast is a bit twee, but he comes out of it a lot better because he actually talks to people. And he gets my vote because he tells off a schoolgirl for being naughty and gives a BNP voter a bit of a bollocking.

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