Obligatory reminder that I do exist and yes, I am too busy to blog right now

It seems like a good idea to post something on this blog, for the summer months are coming to an end and the traditional excuse of Tony Blair – the Musical won’t hold for much longer. Both Alastair Bennett and John Finnemore have been doing better than me recently, which is a bit of a wake up call.

Naturally, having attained international fame (alas no fortune yet) doing that show, I’m hoping to cement my reputation with a big Hollywood blockbuster or something, and the closest thing to come along so far is the part of Socrates in a production of Aristophanes’ Clouds, which I can promise will be a hugely entertaining. They are building me a flying machine and everything. I’m currently in the midst of rehearsals as I type, so…er…I may not be able to blog very much over the next month.

But I had a good dream about Neighbours last night, which combining as it does at least two of my pet blog subjects ought to make for a month’s worth of reading satisfaction, yes? In my dream, Helen Daniels announced to Madge Ramsay on the eve of Scott and Charlene’s wedding that she was pregnant. So far, so predictable, but it was Madge’s response that had me punching the air in my sleep and thinking “the scriptwriting on Neighbours is so witty and well-crafted!”: after a pause to assimilate Helen’s bombshell, Madge announced “that’s the thing about Tuesday mornings”, and I continued to chuckle for several minutes after I awoke before realising that it was neither a funny line nor a sensible one.

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