The ceremony of innocence is drowned…and that's a new world record!

Having tired of listening to Cavalleria Rusticana on ENO’s patently unoccupied box office line (which cost me £12 on last month’s phone bill) I went into the Coliseum in person and picked up tickets for The Turn of the Screw.

This looks like being a fine production of one of my favourite operas, featuring talented soprano Cheryl Barker in the challenging role of Miss Jessel.

I was talking to Chris Mundy about it yesterday, though, and he admitted to a blonde moment on first reading about the opera in which he had imagined it was legendary Record Breakers presenter and former singer with Bucks Fizz Cheryl Baker playing the role.

Although the latter isn’t renowned for her skilful renditions of complex twentieth century art music (and I think I can say that even without offending fans of Bucks Fizz), I can honestly say that I’d still part with my money to see her doing opera.

Especially if the part of Quint was being played by Kris Akabusi.

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