And if that's the case it was a missed opportunity for a reference to "the Queen Vic"

The BBC’s unnecessary Christmas adaptation of Oliver Twist was, in spite of some excellent performances, one disaster on top of another; from the line “I’m the Artful Dogder, but you can call me Dodge”, to the conclusion of the plot nearly a whole episode too soon, to the glaring inconsistency of Nancy not being able to read but managing to turn out a wordy letter in copperplate handwriting, to the fact that director Coky Giedroyc clearly doesn’t know what an octave looks like on the piano, it was a sloppy, unintelligent take on a tale that Alan Bleasdale did perfectly well for television only eight years ago.

Neither was it clear why Sarah Phelps, somebody whose biggest previous credit is Eastenders, was chosen to adapt the thing. One suspects it was to “try to make Dickens relevant to people who like Eastenders“, but it was painfuly clear that Phelps’ words are unlikely to weather the test of time as well as those of Dickens (I refer you back to the “call me Dodge” example).

Still, a little part of me hopes that it was simply because somebody wanted to include the line “he ent worth it!”, which was finally improbably delivered to Rose in the final episode by none other than Mrs Bedwin. No doubt Charles would have written it if he’d thought of it…

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