More efficiency

After much inner struggle on the need vs bank balance front, I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a new computer. And it is already a quantifiably successful investment, as I have spent no time over the last couple of days waiting for my computer to stop crashing. (Of course, the many hours this has saved me I have frittered away playing with the exciting nobbly bits on Windows Vista and ringing up PCWorld to try to get them to send me the things they forgot to put in the box, but in theory I’ll eventually get down to work with, like, 200% more efficiency.)

The best bit, though, is this: to get into my user account I don’t need a password. Oh no.

My computer does a fingerprint scan.

This is totally unnecessary and absolutely thrilling. Logging on to check my emails is like entering a secret base in a James Bond film.

Well, maybe not exactly like that, but it certainly makes Torchwood seem pretty cheap and lacklustre. Oh, hang on…

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