Sod's sodding law

For the last month I’ve had my old computer set up in my room, taking up a lot of space and not looking terribly pretty next to the new one but there because of my paranoid fear that I would suddenly discover that I had forgotten to transfer an important document onto my new computer, or that my new computer didn’t do something right and I would have to do it using my old one until I found a better way to do it, or that if I put the old one away the new one would suddenly stop working and I’d have to get the old one out again.

And in a way the old computer served its purpose, in that I felt perfectly safe and happy even though I didn’t need to turn it on once.

Today I put it away. In a box in a cupboard, an operation which involved much complicated manoeuvring of other boxes thanks to our relatively limited storage space and the fact that we all seem to own an improbably high number of boxes. It took the best part of an hour to win this life-size game of Tetris but I did it and now my room is nice and tidy and I need never look at the old computer again.

I decided I would celebrate this triumph by updating my website. After half an hour of happily tippy tapping away some new words for the news page about how there really isn’t much news at the moment, I got ready to upload it to the interweb, for which I need but one simple web address for the FTP window that I upload it to.

Wonder where I put that then?

Ah yes. On the desktop of my old computer. It would appear to be the document that I forgot to transfer.

Of course, something like this was bound to happen, but to happen on the same day as I put my old computer in a cupboard – that’s just fate rubbing my face in the whole crappy situation and gloating over the fact that I’m going to spend an hour tomorrow moving boxes to get the bloody information back.

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