Just brilliant

How do they do it? After a whole series of derivative (and badly-lit) crapness, how does Doctor Who come up with a two-parter which comes so close to perfection that I’m just not going to quibble over the few bits that didn’t quite work?

Two words: Steven Moffat.

Of course, script writers don’t have any control over how a production turns out, the quality of the acting, or how well-lit an episode is. But “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” showed – again – that if you get the script right first, the rest often follows. Twas ever thus, as the chequered history of Doctor Who amply demonstrates. It’s something that the current production team seem to have been largely ignoring lately, but which Moffat clearly understands – which bodes well for his forthcoming stint as executive producer.

Bring it on!

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