Oasis might have told us where it all went wrong, too

The KLF were well-known for asking “What time is love?” – but it is a question which they generously answered after a couple of years with their follow-up single “3a.m. Eternal”.

I’m usually a bit too sleepy for love by then, but I’m sure the KLF knew what they were talking about. And I certainly think it’s commendable of them not to leave their original question hanging like a pseudo-philosophical mystery that they hadn’t really thought through. No, dammit – they asked the question, it was their responsibility to answer it, and answer it they did!

An example which I can’t help feeling ought to be followed by The Automatic.

“What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?” they muse.

Well? Is it a monster? I mean, you’ve been pondering this question for the duration of an entire song, surely you can at least make an informed guess? I mean, how fast is this thing coming over the hill anyway? It clearly isn’t moving very fast or you’d have a better idea of what it is, so permit me to suggest that even if it’s a monster it’s going to be pretty easy to outrun.

Since it’s not a particularly threatening monster, your song is not a warning so much as an observation, so can’t you just commit to an answer for crying out loud? Is it a monster? Is it??? I’m starting to wonder whether I really care any more!

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