Not grumpy

So, all acts are now out (or in, depending on which way you look at it). And it’s obvious that Dr Horrible is an anti anti-hero story. Or possibly an anti-anti anti-hero story. Or something.

And, like all good movies, you should watch the credits – not, this time, because there’s an extra scene in there, but because you get to find out the names of the Evil League of Evil (my favourite: Fury Leika). Also, there’s a credit for “BestBot Grip”, which I can’t decide is because Joss Whedon’s started employing Aibos, or is actually a typo for “Best Boy Grip”.

(If I appeared grumpy before, perhaps it’s because I’ve been reading too much uninformed commentary on this. Like the NPR piece that quoted some inept idiot being surprised that Neil Patrick Harris can sing. That’s right, it’s a shock that the guy who’s played the Emcee in Cabaret on Broadway can sing.)

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