So a couple of days ago I decided I really ought to watch the acclaimed episodes from season three of Doctor Who: Human Nature and Blink. And I did. And they’re great. (Well. Ish. Human Nature is the by-now traditional fifteen minutes too long.)

Then I watched all the other episodes of season three that I hadn’t caught the first time round. Honestly? Words fail me, although unfortunately for you not nearly as much as they could.

The second to last one I watched was Last of the Time Lords. This is certainly the worst writing Russell T Davies has ever done; I would have labelled it the worst writing on Doctor Who ever, including The Invisible Enemy and that strange two-parter that Pip and Jane Baker bolted onto the end of Trial of a Timelord.

But then I watched 42. Oh, my. The list of bad things about this is probably longer than the script itself. Where the season three closer was merely Sci-Fantasy done averagely, this was Sci-Fi written so ineptly I don’t know where to start. The obviously unscientific setup, midsection and resolution? The fact that it appeared to be a reject plotline from a previous Doctor Who set on board a space ship? Freema Agyeman’s breathless decision not to act for a whole episode? I’ve lamented Chris Chibnall’s complete disconnect from science before, but it comes across so strongly in this episode that it really needs mentioning again. And there’s more. So, so much more.

Fortunately Peter Fincham has already been forced to resign, although for less important reasons, so his head isn’t available for this televisual travesty. And I’m quite sure that Jay Hunt will have found plenty to resign over in season four, which I grudgingly will watch over the next few weeks.

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