Not all TV is olid!

Thank God for The Sarah Jane Adventures; in spite of Russell T. Davies’ lazy style-over-substance Doctor Who stories and dismal spin-off series Torchwood, he has created something genuinely wonderful.

Leave aside the trademark Russell T. need to remind the viewer how amazing space is at the start of every other episode. Leave aside the slightly embarrassing merchandise. What you are left with is a well-constructed, well-written series, with more adult stories than most of its “adult” counterparts, and Elizabeth Sladen looking damn sexy and wearing fabulous costumes.

I loved the first series and am delighted by its return, which is immediately on form. After the disastrous finale to Doctor Who this year and indeed its disastrous handling of the Sontarans, it’s great to see them handled properly – and given a proper cliffhanger! And a dodgy model of a satelite dish – just like real Doctor Who! And even a Hitchhikers’ in joke! And some of those kids could teach Catherine Tate a thing or two about subtlety…

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