Let's get to work…

Parliament (or something that works on their behalf) has been busy getting ready to comply with the High Court ruling from 16th May 2008 that it must publish MP’s expenses under the Freedom of Information Act. Seven months of compiling the data, and nearly a million pounds, later and they’ve decided a better route would be to change the Freedom of Information Act to exclude the data. The vote’s on Thursday (you may have missed it around all the Heathrow runway kerfuffle).

This, frankly, is taking the piss.

There’s more information from mySociety, the charity that runs TheyWorkForYou and others. Start with their overview, which includes helpful links to things you can do, including writing to your MP to ask them politely to vote against this rat bastard approach to transparency.

(I wrote to mine, but Nick Raynsford MP is against transparency in government to start off with, so I’m not hopeful he’ll pay attention. Mind you, I’m not hopeful he’ll bother to vote at all, since he generally abstains on transparency issues.)

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