It shouldn't be this hard

Sometime around 5pm I started upgrading the computer we edit Talk To Rex films on so that we can get stuck into post-production our new project. It is, as I write this, almost 1am, and I’m waiting for the final task to complete.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be this hard, and I’m beginning to regret not just throwing this computer away and buying a shiny new one. Like the one Bing edited the video diaries on (the third part is up now). That was nice. And portable. And didn’t take eight hours to prepare before you used it.

Or for that matter we could have shot the entire thing on Super 16, and edited it as film instead of all this pissing around in non-linear editing software. Even taking into account finding my old notes and screwing up a couple of test rolls of film and cleaning the damned thing, I’m pretty sure we’d be editing by now on a Steenbeck. Although admittedly we’d be a bit stuck when it comes to compositing.

As it is I’m waiting for a hard drive to format. Witness the romance of film-making.

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