Just who do you think you're fooling?

A note to people who produce DVD packaging:

“Interactive menus” is not a special feature. It is simply a feature, not one that is special. If a DVD is to have any other features to choose from, a menu is pretty much essential; furthermore one needs to be able to interact with it, or it is not a menu at all, it is a list. A list of things that one can’t choose from.

Perhaps I missed a whole era of early DVD manufacturing where there were such DVDs, with films hidden on them that could not be accessed because people had not yet realised the importance of making their menus interactive. I can only imagine that if there was such a period it didn’t last very long. Certainly such hypothetical times have, if they ever existed at all, long since passed.

Therefore, an “interactive menu”, or to put it plainly, a “menu”, is something we generally expect on a DVD, except perhaps on an illegal bootlegged one. If you consider a menu a special feature you might by the same logic list “not an illegal bootleg” as a special feature, and that would be silly. A DVD not being an illegal bootleg is a feature, but like interactive menus it is not one that is special.

“Scene access” is not a special feature either. For all the reasons stated above, it is a feature. But if you bother listing it on the packaging you might just as well start listing features like “plays on a DVD player”, or “circular and flat”, or “contains sound and moving pictures!!!”.

And finally, if you happen to have listed the film itself as a special feature, that is most certainly not right. The film is a feature, but only a very basic feature for a DVD of that film. If you consider the film to be special then that is lovely for you, but very much your subjective opinion and not one I want shoved down my throat thank you very much.

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