The Thrasonic Journalist Files – Day Four

Is Paul Carr a thrasonic journalist? Possibly. Certainly he’s an opportunistic one.

I’m not just talking about how he’s lazily recycled my recent blog entries to make one of his own. What I’m talking about is how, in true Telegraph journo style, he has taken my criticism of Dominic Cavendish’s caky review along with Mark Thomas’ statement that is was more a review of his employer, airbrushed out the bits he doesn’t need with the all-purpose airbrush-all sentence ‘it’s all very sound-and-fury-signifying nothing’ and turned the whole story into a glowing review of himself.

But delighted though I am to have my criticisms of Telegraph journalists so comprehensively vindicated in one fell swoop, I’m not going to be too hard on him for three reasons:

1. His comments about The Sitcom are so aw shucks lovely and quothable.

2. I have a suspicion that his claim to have cleared up the whole internet might just possibly be an example of the journalistic irony that Dominic Cavendish aspires to.

3. Assuming that to be the case, the rather po-faced comments on the post completely redraw the boundaries of what it means to have a tin ear for journalistic irony. I think I’m in the clear…

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