Enjoy him while you still can…

The suggestion in Gordon Brown’s new year’s message that 2010 is when everything gets better is tragically naive, because even in the unlikely event that things get easier for most of us, it isn’t going to be an easy year for him. At least, not until May, when his schedule looks like getting a lot lighter.

So as we near the end of his unwhelming stint as PM, I thought it would be nice to look back on the noughties and remember a happier time when Gordon Brown didn’t wear a desperate smile but proudly grimaced like the moody Scot he is; a time when people wrote musicals about him being ‘locked in a semi-gay sadomasochistic tango’ with Tony Blair (that’s how Johann Hari saw it, at least)…

And if that brought a nostalgic tear to your eye, you’ll be pleased to know you can get the whole jolly award-winning sell-out musical on iTunes!

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