Terrorist threat

I awoke to this rather depressing story about a man who was arrested under the terrorist act for tweeting the message “Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

Good work, South Yorkshire Police. At least we know that our airports are safe from Mr Paul Chambers in Doncaster. And that police are being paid to interrogate his kind of scum for seven hours. Who needs intelligence when you’ve got the South Yorkshire Police? Good old South Yorkshire Police.

When I read the story, I decided that I would have to leave the country unless all charges are dropped against Paul Chambers – because, cliche though it may be, if we can’t tweet jokes about terrorism, the terrorists have won. Indeed, in a sense the state (and the South Yorkshire Police) have become terrorists themselves.

I was about to tweet something to that effect when I realised it would be much funnier to tweet the following: “Unless all charges against Paul Chambers are dropped, I’m blowing Robin Hood airport sky high!!”

And then it occurred to me that if I did tweet that, the South Yorkshire Police might come down in force to Bedford and lock me up under the terrorist act. I dared myself to do it all the same, because that would be funny, and would certainly draw attention to the sense-of-humour failure that threatens to destroy our country. But I’m a busy person and it would be really bloody inconvenient to get arrested; also, I expect my family would disapprove.

So I didn’t tweet at all. Because I was scared of being arrested.

Darn – the terrorists have won already.

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