Something to try at your next dinner party

I dreamt that I was at a big dinner party hosted by Peter Sellers, who actually came round to each table himself to construct the dessert. I assume it was of his own design as I’ve never heard of the like before, so I shall share the recipe:

Take two pieces of crustless toast and sandwich in between them a generous helping of demerara sugar mixed with dark brown soft sugar. (Peter Sellers mixed the sugars at the table, which was obviously particularly showy.)

On top of the two slices of toast, spoon a generous helping of a mixture of golden castor sugar and white granulated sugar.

Blowtorch the toast until the sugar is melted and golden.

Pour over a generous amount of port.

Add strawberries and cream. (Peter Sellers left his guests to do this themselves, which seems sensible as they could decide exactly how many strawberries they wanted and adjust the cream ratio accordingly.)


As I recall, I enjoyed it very much. Noël Coward, on the other hand, sat and laughed at Peter Sellers throughout the entire operation.

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