A question of justice

Not a witty blog, this, or a carefully constructed argument slash diatribe. Just a question, because I am genuinely baffled. These stories that seem to proliferate in newspapers at the moment about miscarriages of justice in our legal system – I mean the UK’s legal system, the one that I’d be tried by if I happened to be standing in the wrong place during a protest or pressured into a bad decision by an abusive partner or even (and this is the most worrying from a personal point of view) were I to write something slightly ill-considered on the internet – those stories. Is that a new thing, then?

I mean, I’ve read Dickens, I know that injustice in the legal system isn’t a new thing. But haven’t we moved on since then? Or has it ever been thus?

And either way, why do we continue to entrust our justice to judges who are, at best, out-of-touch to the point of ignorance, or worse value justice only for those who make the most money, and worst of all are capable of making decisions which shit all over human rights and moral decency and leave criminals free while their victims go to jail?

I’m sure these are exceptional cases. Well, pretty sure. Actually I’m not sure at all, because in any system that worked how could any of these things happen???

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