Literary endeavours

Apologies for those of you waiting for the next instalment of the very-exciting-story-of-how-I-wrote-a-novel. Are there any of you? Well, I’ll assume so, for rhetorical purposes at least. I am sorry, and I haven’t forgotten about you.

The thing is, I have also been slightly involved in getting things ready for a different thing, which is a theatrical adaptation of a book called The Snow Spider.

Unlike my novel, this project has taken under three years to introduce to the general public, but I’d still very much appreciate any interest you wanted to take in it.

Here is an image associated with the show to whet your appetite:

Want to know what it’s all about? Well, it’s obvious, really. A coming-of-age story set in Wales. With snow. And a spider.

I promise I’ll get back to the self-publicity really, really soon, but in the meantime, you can book tickets for The Snow Spider here.

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