"Wood for Stone"

It is so easy to get distracted on a sunny day. I have been being distracted all day by thoughts of running in fields like Julie Andrews, or winging through the air like a bird.

But the biggest and most surprising distraction was Andrew J. Wood, a man who wants money from my office. At first I was drawn to his website out of a curiosity as to how kitchen worktops can be described as Ecclesiastical Stonemasonary. Even in a Vicarage, it would be pushing the definition.

But on inspecting his website and the history of his business I became more intrigued by the question of what exactly Cyril Wood thought he was doing in 1922 when he became a Stone Mason. With a name like Wood you surely become a carpenter – you’re just making life difficult if you go against the grain (pun intended). Was there a reason for the decision to pursue stone? Was he being deliberately perverse? Perhaps he was fighting willfully against a lifetime of people telling him, “so, I suppose you’ll be going into carpentry, Master Wood!”

Maybe Cyril Wood might have enjoyed the film I went to see last night, which was about somebody else fighting against a life of carpentry, who went terribly off the rails and ended up getting horribly beaten up. I went to see it because it was an 18 and had the word “Passion” in the title, so I thought it would have lots of sex in it, only as it turned out it didn’t have very much sex in it at all.

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