Division to feature on fringe DVD


It is a delight to announce that The Uncertainty Division feature (albeit briefly) on a DVD of Edinburgh Fringe highlights, The Cut of the Fringe, to be released in May 2004.

The cast of Out of Your Mind feature in three places: track 3, “Royal Smiles”, contains three seconds on Andrew Pontzen shouting “But we don’t know who put it there!” at the top of his voice from the top of a stepladder; track 14, “High Flyers”, features a whole seven seconds of James Lark trying to give a flyer to a foreign couple before they turn away disinterested; and track 17, “Fringe Benefits”, has a fleeting glimpse of Andrew Ormerod in hot pursuit of Laura Stewart. (Sadly, James Aylett doesn’t appear to feature anywhere on the DVD at all.)

If the DVD is successful, a special double-disc release is planned for later this year; it is hoped that this might include a whole show from Out of Your Mind, although slightly disappointingly the show the DVD company have chosen is the one James Aylett joins the woman’s army, arguably not one of our finest.

More details are available at http://www.cutofthefringe.ap.fls.org

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