More funding issues

Having successfully used my influence to push the sniffer bees through the funding process at work, I have launched a new campaign.

“Whilst there are many guitar players, possessing the full range of competences, there are many more people who wish they could play the instrument but realise they lack the skills, motivation, self-discipline or time to learn it. Of these people, a substantial number play what is known as an “air guitar”; that is to say an imaginary instrument that they pretend to play in synchronisation with some recorded music.

“This device falls between the air guitar and a real guitar in that it is a real, physical device and looks like an instrument but is in fact a computer peripheral…”

Oh, peeerrrrlease!

Let the battle to stop any trace of funding go in the direction of Polaris Instruments’ “Foam Guitar” commence!

They will not be protected by anyone, because there is no Patron Saint of giant foam toys for talentless adults.

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