Stories from Metro

Prince and the New Education

Prince Charles is reported as complaining that “young people believed they could succeed without having talent or putting in hard work”. This just makes sense, doesn’t it? When did we start believing that people could get ahead without being good at what they do, and dedicating themselves to it?

Perhaps Charles has said more inflammatory things that no one can be bothered to report. That’s Prince Charles there, not Charles Clarke, who says equally sensible things like “We can aspire to do our best”. I just don’t see how these things aren’t equally capable of being true. What am I missing?

Spain and racism

Metro reports Spanish daily AS as saying “Multi-culturalism is a new thing in our country”. Isn’t Christians and Moors fighting each other considered multi-cultural these days? At the very least, it’s a backdrop to the comment which perhaps should have been acknowledged.

Metro have also managed to avoid an article in the phrase “FIFA, football world’s governing body”. Really not sure how that works.

Best about this story, however, has got to be that FIFA’s president is called Sepp Blatter. Wow!

MTV Europe Music Awards

Metro notes that Sarah Michelle Gellar co-hosted – indeed, there’s a picture of her on the front page – but fails to point out how bad she looks in that make-up. No one’s going to want to have sex with you if you look like Barbie, Sarah. Well, no one except Ken.

Ken and Barbie

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