I woke from a dream of teaching Willow improvisation. I offered to share a taxi with her from her house to school, but apparently her laptop wouldn’t fit. I pointed out that “taxis are, like, quite big these days”, but she wasn’t convinced by my pretending-to-be-Oz antics.

Also, related to the impro workshop (no, really), Xander was drawing things on a tree, although it turned into a whiteboard when Oz started drawing happy clouds. I had to show him how to use the board eraser though, so I feel pretty good about things.

It’s just occured to me that I might have been Buffy, which is quite disturbing. Maybe I was Giles, though, which would be good.

In real life, there’s a guy at the station who looks a bit like John Goodman. The dream world was still better, though, and the happy clouds were really cute.

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