Tails You Lose

It seems to be trendy for bloggers of an ex-Cambridgey persuasion to make mention of the broadcast of John Finnemore’s play Tails You Lose on Radio 4 yesterday. So I shall join the fun and mention that I tuned in to listen on one of the computers in the office I’m working in. As a result I erroneously sent out a number of letters inviting candidates to come to interviews in May rather than January, and angered a woman who had come into the office to complain and thought we weren’t taking life seriously enough. But it was well worth it.

I will not try to describe quite what a good play it is, except to refer back to the last time it was mentioned on this website (Edinburgh 2003) when James Aylett commented that anyone who didn’t like it does not have a soul.

In this case, it is quite possible that one man who would not be particularly keen on the play is Paul Burrell, whose soul appears to be for sale on Ebay.

Later today I plan to go to a party at the house of Anthony Windram, a one-time comedy collaborator (in fact, we first appeared on stage together in an early Finnemore opus, the very fine 1999 Footlights panto Sherlock Holmes – about which undergraduates who weren’t even born in 1999 still talk in hushed and reverent tones). Anthony is one of the nicest people in the world; he also has a very amusing accent. So I am looking forward to seeing him very much indeed, especially as he has promised that if he can’t get hold of a recording of Wham’s “Last Christmas” he will sing it to me instead.

(If this happens it will presumably become “Lerst Chrerstmers”.)

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