I'm confused

Such is the hectic life I am leading at the moment, my brain seems to be getting everso slightly unhinged. I have noticed this worrying trend from my increasingly erratic movements on the London Underground – having made the same perfectly simple journey for the last two weeks, all of a sudden I have been finding myself on completely unfamiliar escalators going towards the Jubilee line, or standing looking blankly at a Northern line train and wondering how on earth I thought it was going to take me to Notting Hill Gate, or – as was the case today – travelling in completely the wrong direction on the Picadilly line. It was two stops before I realised that I didn’t normally pass Covent Garden, and as a result I missed my train and spent nearly half an hour pacing furiously up and down a platform on King’s Cross and buying a Cadbury’s Boost for the frankly exorbitant price of 59p.

Does this happen to other people, or am I actually going mad?

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