The Daleks are back – GREAT!

The Doctor lands in a wonderful huge mysterious museum and in one of the cases is a Cyberman head – GREAT!

Then he discovers a Dalek has been caged up – and the Dalek looks GREAT!

Christopher Eccleston gets his top off – erm…*

The Dalek goes on the rampage and exterminates load of people – GREAT!

This appears to be mainly to make up for the general lack of storyline. Ah. (Clearly a running theme in this series of Doctor Who.)

The Dalek climbs stairs – GREAT!

Whenever the Dalek elevates it looks like a CGI effect. Crap.**

The Dalek slaughters more people using a sprinkler system – GREAT!

The Dalek goes all emotional and turns out to be a nice person after all. AWFUL.

* at least this never happened with William Hartnell.

** when they climbed stairs in 1987 the Daleks wobbled a lot, but they did at least look solid and decidedly scary

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