Another reason not to vote Labour

The Sunday Telegraph reveals that Tony Blair is planning, upon his re-election, to re-incorporate David Blunkett in the Cabinet in “some kind of enforcing role”.

WHAT??? You mean after all our excitement that the fascist git got his come-uppance, he’s going to be back in Cabinet after mere months??? As “The Enforcer”, the kind of police-state uber-dictatorial position he’s always longed for??????

Has Tony Blair gone totally MAD???? Didn’t he learn his lesson from Doctor Who last night ? (The Daleks were described has having had “all human emotions removed except hate…” – replace the lethal armoured outer casing with a guide dog and who have you got?)

This can’t happen. It can’t it can’t it can’t it can’t…

(Note to self: delete this entry when Blair is re-elected, less it is found by The Enforcer and recriminations are incurred.)

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