Baby broom

Britney Spears has been criticised after paparazzi caught her “driving with her baby on her lap”.


Close inspection of the photograph, however, reveals that the criticisms are unfounded. Look at Britney – she’s relaxing back into the headrest, her eyes aren’t even on the road. It’s clear that she isn’t the person driving the car at all – the baby is.

Yes, the baby has oddly muscular arms. But if his arms are that well-developed, there’s no reason why his brain shouldn’t be as well – you can see the concentration on his face as he motors along. Who’s to say that he hasn’t already passed his driving test?

On the other hand, if he hasn’t passed his driving test and Britney is lying about having been “driving with a baby to escape the paparazzi” just to cover up for her son, then that is wrong. Very wrong.

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