Morally responsible

A quick “congratulations” to Dr Who for its success at the Baftas. If it keeps up the standard set by The Girl in the Fireplace then it’s well-deserved indeed.

I realised that the fannish prudishness which made me have a spasm when Paul McGann kissed Grace back in the 90s has all but evaporated – I honestly don’t care if the Doctor wants to have a bit of fun, especially if it’s with a very attractive French lady.

On the other hand, I feel he’s maybe morally responsible to tell people just how old he is before he gets going. I mean, otherwise he’s hiding behind his youthful appearance in the same way as an internet pervert hides behind a computer screen to pretend he’s much younger…surely?

Perhaps he should just show potential suitors a photograph of each of his previous regenerations, spelling out very clearly that’s me, that is.

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