Oh, that it had been real

I dreamt that I had finished my Britten biopic and it was being made with Philip Madoc playing the young Benjamin Britten, and I remember thinking how he looked just perfect for the role, even if he was a little old. I mean, you can see where my sleep-deprived brain was coming from:


Madoc was wearing a long wig and 18th century clothing for the role, and I had decided to reinstate a scene (even though it was not strictly speaking from the correct part of Britten’s life) in which Britten commanded his housekeeper Mrs Grose never to see a boy called Mal, or possibly Miles, (though he was known as Edward) again.

The implication was that Mal/Miles/Edward had been having some sort of relationship with the aging housekeeper and Britten was jealous. I dunno…at the time it seemed like a really good scene.

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