Bloody internet

I wrote an entry last night, on the way back from James and Adam’s bipolar show, but the internet ate it somewhere around Hitchin. On the plus side, you’re spared what I remember as a largely unwarranted stream of vitriol about the kid sat opposite me, who I took against largely because he was writing in big loopy handwriting.

But then I was drunk; I’m allowed to be irrational when I’m drunk. Now, of course, I’m hung over – and all ready to do it again tonight. Oh, what fun. Maybe I’ll have to stay in London this time, because James and I have to be back here again on Saturday morning for a radio interview on the Jenny Eclair show on LBC. Except that according to her blog she’ll actually be being played by Sue Perkins. Perhaps I could also be played by someone else; let me know if you want to take a swing at it so I can stay in bed.

Then we have to be back here (not just “here” as in London, but “here” as in about five minutes from the office) for another interview on Sunday night, for BBC 5 Live’s Up All Night.

Do listen to us, as we struggle to stay awake, remain witty, and persuade more people to buy the book. (Ignore the fact that Amazon don’t list my name on the book’s page – I’m in their system, they’re just sulking for some reason.)

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