Lovely crowd

I am taking advantage of the free internet service provided by my publishers to very briefly – between radio interviews and shows – mention that The Rise and Fall of Deon Vonniget can now be described as a “Sell Out Show”, thanks to the lovely crowd that turned up at the Courtyard Theatre last night to see it previewed in a double bill with cult muso-comic Adam Kay.

Not that I’m under any illusions as to who they turned up to see – Adam has a fanbase of about 17,000 people, whereas I have a fanbase of about 30. All of whom have seen my show many, many times already.

So it was refreshing to get to do my stuff in front of a crowd of people who’d never heard of me, many of whom confessed afterwards that they thought they were going to hate me. I’m glad that they held back this particular piece of information until after the show.

It’s also fortunate that I’m man enough to chuckle heartily at Adam Kay describing me as his warm-up act. Of course, when I’m really hugely famous I will make every effort to hire Adam as my warm-up act, because it will be both a friendly gesture and an act of personal revenge. Check out his CD – well worth purchasing for the Dorsal Horn Concerto alone. (Not that you won’t enjoy the others – but it’s the Horn Concerto one that had me seething with grudging fellow-muso-comic jealousy last night.)

My own CD, incidentally, has just been released by Friday Audio, and looks gorgeous. Worth purchasing for the packaging alone.

Fortunately there are other bloggers out there who came to see last night’s show, so if you’re one of the many, many people who couldn’t get tickets (oh, it gives me so much pleasure to write that), you can read about it here.

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