At times …

At times, James was hallucinating it, but frankly I think at times so was Sue Perkins, myself and indeed all of the LBC listeners. More radio should be that bonkers – and James still managed to pull off a callback. (The download of the show isn’t available yet, so you’ll have to wait unless you were able to tune in yourself.)

A callback for me alone was watching Twister tonight (I slipped, okay?), because it has Jami Gertz, who was of course in The Lost Boys – which Sarah Bee and I talked about at length last night. Apparently Twister was the first movie released on DVD – it must also have been one of the last Amblin films, because The Peacemaker (the first Dreamworks picture) was released the following year. (I have a freaky memory for this kind of stuff.)

Strangely, this isn’t the first time I’ve played chase-the-reference with Twister; I did it about seven years ago, back in a younger, simpler world, when I ran my blog on software I’d written myself because there wasn’t anything else, and nobody called them blogs anyway because it was a stupid name. (The note on IMDb has gone from Joss Whedon being an uncredited writer to his name having appeared on an earlier draft, neither a surprise with Jan de Bont directing, a bit like Alan Ruck turning up; and you can feel Joss Whedon’s punch to some of the dialogue, even if a couple of the jokes have blatantly had the middle ripped out.)

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