Things have stopped making sense

At there is currently a competition to win a copy of Fringe, for which the question is quite simply “What is the first name shared by the two authors?”

I would suggest that, if you wish to enter this competition, the question should not pose too many difficulties. In fact, you only need to know one of our first names, because as the question implies, it is shared by both of us. Of course, finding out both of our names will give you added security and peace of mind, but if you don’t manage to do that why not go for it anyway? If you look around on this website you might find a few clues.

Curiously, the exact same question was thought up on the spot this morning by Sue Perkins during our LBC interview, which was bonkers from start to finish. But Sue’s listeners had an added advantage, in that she gave them a Richard and Judy style multiple choice – and so that our readers shouldn’t have an unfair disadvantage, I’m helpfully going to repeat said made-up-on-the-spot choices.

Is the answer:
a) Blames
b) Maims
or c) James

You can read Sue’s short but sweet account of the morning’s chat here, and it was by far the most fun I’ve ever had on a radio programme. Though at times I thought I was hallucinating it, having got up particularly early to do an hour on Premier Christian Radio (also a lot of fun, but considerably less bonkers – I even managed to finish a few sentences) and all that on top of another late night and another sell out performance.

Now that I come to think of it, much of last night felt like a hallucination as well. For some reason in the pub at one point everybody started massaging each other, and Paul Carr was impressed enough with the services of both myself and Sarah Bee to suggest starting Friday Massage as another branch of the Friday Project. Then when I went to say goodbye to Adam Kay, one of his friends put a peg on my nipple and everybody stood laughing at my pain.

Today, Sarah Bee sent me an email to say that there is a cheese called Munster. Also she sent me some photos of her dog.

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