Abney Park: Awesome

Back in the late nineties, when MP3.com was cool (remember that?), I downloaded a bunch of songs by a group called Abney Park. Some of the recording quality was pretty terrible, some was pretty good, and some of the songs were great, or at least perfectly captured some of my moods at the time.

Then, about a week ago, Warren Ellis pointed out that their singer inspired him, only I skipped through the article (and indeed most of the internet) that day, and missed the band name. Now he’s pointed her out again, and this time I’ve noticed that yes, it’s them, and there are LiveJournals (yuck, but I guess we’ll forgive them) for both her and their writer Robert.

Their own website is beautiful, but almost completely unusable, which I supposed is one step up from LiveJournal. Ho hum, and on with the work…

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