Why I love … Jane Espenson

In amongst generally useful advice, mini flashbacks to Buffy episodes, and what she had to lunch, you get occasional gems. Half way through reading her post on refreshing joke forms, I honestly thought I wouldn’t laugh at any of the jokes. They were all so old, or somewhat clunky.

And then she pulled out the last one, and I’m sorry, I laughed out loud. People around me are looking askance (but not very askance; they know me quite well). There’s something very carefully played about the last line, which makes it funnier than the joke itself deserves. Great.

I hope that some of what I write induces similar reactions. The best I’ve come so far to myself was in naming a character in my film Sheffield, on a whim, and then discovering a whole vein of Sheffield jokes that I’d never have thought of otherwise. But maybe that one’s just me.

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