"Fantastically skewed…"

Sorry, I’ve been very quiet on the internet recently. If you’re wondering why, the New York Times has all the answers.

I am very tired. But I think it’s been worth it – aside from impressing American reporters (and a few British ones too) I have seen the following memorable sights:

– Norman Pace picking his nose with my flyer.

– Jimmy Carr in a bright pink t-shirt, as if to say “look at me! I’m Jimmy Carr, in a bright pink t-shirt!” (the words “walking target” spring to mind).

– Sue Perkins. Who proved quite how wonderful she is when she recognised me from our brief radio interview, chatted to me about the agonies of being a solo Fringe performer, and offered me free tickets to her show. Which was bloody brilliant. (Lucy Porter’s was not.)

– The Dresden Dolls, very very close up in the Spiegeltent. They’re still fantastic.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest; overlong, underwritten, completely lacking in wit and devoid of any of the qualities of the first film. One star.

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