Back to basics

The news that Alan Johnson is going to raise the compulsory school leaving age to 18 has a possible side effect which the department of education may not have considered. It has been made clear that there would be exemptions for teenage mothers – which I would say offers an obvious and pretty darn simple way out for youngsters who don’t want to stay in school.

What I’m suggesting is that the decision might see an alarming rise in the number of teenage pregnancies.

Another side effect of what I suspect will in the future be known as “the 21st century school leavers’ baby boom” is that, given that genetic science has not yet evolved to the point of allowing teenage boys the option of childbirth, the ratio of educated boys to girls will rise dramatically.

Having spent the previous century fighting for their independence and equality, womankind may be about to suffer a terrible blow as an entire generation of uneducated women stay at home to bring up children while their male contemporaries get clever and carry on the work of running the country.

Just a thought.

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