Tuk-Tuk be a lady tonight

When we went to Bankok with Girton College Choir way back in 2001, Alastair and I were so thrilled by our experiences with the milk float/rickshaw crossbreed they call the “tuk-tuk” that we decided there and then that one day we would make a Michael Palin-style geographical odyssey called Bankok to Girton in a Tuk-Tuk.

You can imagine the kind of thing it would involve; the first episode would see us in Bankok, trying to persuade a tuk-tuk driver to part with his vehicle. Off we’d set up through Thailand, where my geography deserts me but I think it would involve India and there would of course be a hilarious episode where we broke down and had to take parts from a Bajaj auto rickshaw to make our tuk-tuk work again. Hopefully we’d also come across a tiny village where they’d think we were gods and decorate us with flowers. Finally we’d arrive back at our old college in a battered old hybrid tuk-tuk, dirty, hungry, desperately in need of sleep and just in time for evensong.

All naturally accompanied by the lively banter that I am led to believe at least three people are enjoying on a weekly basis here.

We couldn’t see why any television director would possibly refuse such an idea, except that they would probably say “why don’t we get Michael Palin to do it?” so we were waiting either for one of us to get famous or for Michael Palin to die.

This morning I was giving the Friday Project website a cursory browse and happened to notice this.

Yup. Some television producer has teamed up with a medical student and done our idea. Only they’ve made it less Palin and more Priscilla, Queen of the Desert by painting the tuk-tuk pink. (Though I think I might even have made that suggestion to Alastair in one of my drunker moments.)

This morning at 2 Victoria Street a tiny dream has died.

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