Let the shameless plugging begin

You may have noticed I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on the self-promotion front for several months. The reason is that I’ve been working on an ambitious theatrical project which half of me thought would never see the light of day, and half of me thought would be done by somebody else first.

Nevertheless, it would appear that we’ve got a (very nice) venue, and to date nobody else has announced their intention to do the same – frankly quite obvious – idea. Though there have been rumblings about the possibility of such a thing happening, and following the tuk-tuk incident I’ve decided it’s time to make this idea public before somebody else claims they had it first.

Here it is then. It’s Tony Blair – the Musical. Somebody was bound to do it sooner or later, so I’ve taken it upon myself. Hope that’s okay.

The extremely pretty website has more information, including details of how you can support the production by buying a peerage. I’ve also just been interviewed about it on the Friday Cities website if you’re after more juicy details.

And more juicy details will be forthcoming here as and when I feel like plugging my show some more.

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