Ofcom has received a complaint…

Alastair Bennett and James Lark, presenters of the podcast 2 Victoria Street at Home, would like to issue an apology for their podcast of 1 April 2007 in which they claimed that their housemate, Chris Law, had died in a horrific yoga accident.

They had hoped that their references to Unitarians, washing up and Ambassador Property Management, as well as the fact that they had to stop every few minutes because they were laughing, would make it sufficiently clear that the podcast was an April Fool’s joke. They acknowledge, however, that their work was sufficiently convincing to cause distress to some listeners, in one instance on the morning of an extremely important exam.

Very sorry about that last bit especially.

They accept that the whole thing was, by all reasonable standards, inconceivably tasteless. Although that is what some listeners have come to expect from this particular podcast, they feel on this occasion that they betrayed the trust of their listeners.

In some respects, not unlike Orson Welles.

Chris Law himself was unaware of this broadcast and he wishes to make it clear that he has given his housemates a stern telling off. He also wishes make it clear that he is not dead – in fact, having just returned from a week of yoga, he has never felt so alive.

Alastair and James apologise for all distress caused by any of the above and promise to try to behave themselves in future. The podcast has been removed. In the tradition of Ofcom complaints, however, they have reissued said podcast preceded by this apology, in the hope of using their error to boost listener ratings.

Listen again.

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