I'm quiet as well

You may not have noticed my quiescence, because frankly James’ is much more of a shock. I’m amazed he’s been able to hold it in this long; entire weeks have passed with no post from him at all. Incredible.

However I have also been quiet, and probably will continue to be so for a while. I’m currently in New York, sitting in someone else’s office (where the lights are on a motion sensor, so every so often they turn off, leaving me in darkness until I flap my arms around). This is “head office”, the nerve centre of DoubleClick, my current employers. In some ways it’s much like the London office I’m based in (which was until recently a separate company); the people are passionate, generally have a good sense of humour, all good stuff – but there are a few key differences…

  • many more people, to a quiet terrifying extent; I could probably walk the corridors here for a week and still not have passed everyone (possibly because they’d be sat down working, not walking the corridors)
  • everyone seems to be married; probably a surprise only because Tangozebra has a disproportionate number of people who aren’t (draw your own conclusions)
  • lots more whiteboards – as someone who loves whiteboards, and has been campaigning internally to get lots more, I’m really encouraged to see them around, not quite flocking, but at least in enough numbers that once the humans go home they can be gregarious, the way whiteboards should be

Damn, the light’s gone out again. Off to flap.

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