My obsession with Doctor Who spills into my religious convictions

I’m very much enjoying the series of afternoon plays on Radio 4 this week, Nick Warburton’s Witness: Five Plays from the Gospel of Luke (do listen again) which have so far avoided all the usual cliches of gospel dramatisations and are telling the familiar stories in an insightful and fresh way with some well-drawn characters and great acting all round.

But I can’t help hearing shades of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor Who in Jesus’ Northern tones…and let’s face it, since Russell T. Davies has so unsubtley drawn parallels between the Doctor and Jesus Christ, it’s hardly surprising that there are a few similarities in this very 21st century approach to the story of Jesus.

So I’m kind of hoping that when we get to the resurrection, Jesus will come back with a cheeky cockney accent and perhaps utter words along these lines of “cor, that’s amazing! Easter! I love it!!!”

I also hope there will be a Children in Need special in which a former Jesus, perhaps Robert Powell though I’d hold out for Willem Dafoe if at all possible, meets up with the new Jesus and they do witty banter about how how different Jesus was back in the 80s.

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