Not entirely surprising

I have already waxed lyrical about The Sarah Jane Adventures so need not reiterate what classy children’s entertainment it continues to be. But I will point out three things that are really pissing me off:

1. The “sonic lipstick”. Perrrlease. If this had been a one-liner it might have been just about acceptable, but Woolworths has clearly been on the phone to the BBC and now Sarah Jane is walking around brandishing it like a glowing phallic revolver. She ought to be above that kind of thing.

2. The incidental music. Murray Gold is the compositional equivalent of a man holding up signs saying “laugh!”, “cry”, and “be afraid, be very afraid…” – and it’s bloody awful music.

3. Yes, WE GET IT: the universe is an amazing place. You can stop telling us. The last five minutes of today’s episode went something like this:

Sarah Jane: …and the more you live in it, the more you’ll realise what a surprising place the universe can be.

Luke: It’s surprising alright.

New girl: (with an enigmatic smile) Yes. It is surprising, isn’t it.

Clyde: (grinning) Oh, it’s more surprising that you realise!

They all laugh. The new girl’s parents turn up.

Parents: New girl! Where have you been?

New girl: I was just being, you know, surprised by the universe.

The others share a knowing smile.

Parents: Well come home, it’s dinner!

Clyde: Dinner? Wow! The universe really is surprising!

Luke: More than you can imagine!

They all walk away, leaving Sarah Jane the last word.

Sarah Jane: Yes. The universe really is surprising. Really surprising.

…which was all the more irritating after a scene between Sarah Jane and the new girl in the same episode in which they said EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!!

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