A word against apathy

General, my cynical view of government combined with laziness means that I am disgracefully disinterested in voting.


“The most recent and reliable polls consistently show that the BNP is very close to winning a number of seats in the European Parliament. Most polls show that BNP on 5-7% nationally which would give the BNP 3 seats and polls tend to underestimate BNP support.

The most recent You Gov poll on 1 June, the biggest so far of ,over 5,000 people, put the BNP on 7% of those certain to vote. On these figures the BNP could win a seat each in the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and the West Midlands and East of England regions.”

Time to get out and cast your vote, folks.

(Am assuming this blog has a mainly anti-BNP readership.)

(If not I may have just scored a massive own goal.)

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