Pieces of advertising material that might annoy John Finnemore – part three of at least five hundred

‘Oh… look! Look honey! Those crisps, they’ve been on TV! That’s means they’re, like, famous! Let’s get some before they all go! I know we’re only here to buy petrol, but I’ve never seen petrol on TV. Except in that episode of Heartbeat. Shit, petrol’s famous as well – go get some more! I’ll just grab these crisps!

‘Or is it the maltesers…?

‘Hell, I’ve seen them on TV as well, I’m going to have the crisps and the maltesers!

‘Come to thing of it, I’ve seen everything in this shop on TV – you know, in those bits between the actual programmes! And we could like, buy them for ourselves! That’s nearly like having a bunch of celebrities in our house! Quick, grab a trolley!’

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