Does nothing for the actor's wonderful cheekbones.

This article on the new Doctor’s costume is well worth reading for the slightly hysterical comments at the end (my favourite is from Krycek: ‘I love the new costume, I just wish he had a hat. It’s been a while since The Doctor had a hat’ – oh Krycek, I feel your pain!).

Whether or not you feel the Doctor ought to be fashionable or eccentric or timeless or all three (and all I’m going to say is that I’ve been dressing like that since I started university), there is one statement that clearly displays the BBC’s (sadly increasingly) sloppy journalistic style, viz.:

Fans fondly remember Jon Pertwee’s bow tie, Tom Baker’s scarf and Christopher Eccleston’s battered leather jacket.

They fondly remember Christopher Eccleston’s battered leather jacket?? Really??? I’m probably a rather-too-critical-fan to be the benchmark on this, but I occasionally spend time (not too much time) with other fans and I’m pretty sure none of them were sad to see the battered leather jacket go.

Could it be that, far from it being a case of fans fondly remembering that item of costume, Tom Geoghegan of BBC News Magazine couldn’t remember any other item of costume worn by any the Doctor?

‘Hey guys! I’ve got Jon Pertwee’s bow tie and Tom Baker’s scarf but I need a third thing or the sentence doesn’t work – can anyone remember another thing one of the Doctors wore that fans would fondly remember?’

‘A hat?’

‘Which Doctor had a hat? It’s been a while since the Doctor had a hat. I’ll just go with Eccleston’s battered leather jacket.’

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